Hi! I’m Natalie.

I am the founder and creative director of Mint & Maple. I wake up every day just giddy that I get to do what I do. Being completely self-taught, I am passionate about helping you come to know the creativity that lives inside you.

The first act of Mint & Maple opened with me, alone in my apartment, balancing hand-lettered cards on my big green couch to dry.  Now, it is a community of beautiful people stretched far and wide exploring their creativity in workshops and online! 

I find joy in creating thoughtful experiences that set up the perfect environment for you to be creative. A space that has a great vibe, yummy food, and pretty flowers is one that makes you feel safe to create and gives you freedom to thrive in your creativity.

I have an incredible husband, Josh, that doubles as my business adviser and a sweet + sassy Aussie doggie named Riley. We all live in a tiny bungalow in the great city of Austin, Texas.


Kristen Kilpatrick Photography + Margot Blair Floral

Kristen Kilpatrick Photography + Margot Blair Floral