Hey there, I'm Natalie! Here at Mint & Maple, we are passionate about equipping you for the creative life. 

We design thoughtful products and experiences that set up the perfect environment for you to unlock and expand your creativity- including in-person workshops for creative hard skills, creative kits filled with everything you need to learn on your own, and inspiration from the world around us.

The first act of Mint & Maple opened with me, alone in my apartment, painting hand-lettered cards on my kitchen table. Now, it is a community of beautiful people stretched far and wide exploring their creativity in workshops and online. Look around and stay awhile - we hope you will join us!

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founder, creative director

Other titles:
Personality Test Junkie, Brainstorming Machine, Professional Dreamer

Why do you love what you do at Mint & Maple? 
I love that I get to be creative and that I get to wear a lot of different hats. Every day looks a little different, and I get to work with lots of wonderful people and a great team. I get so much joy teaching people skills to explore their creative side they accidentally neglect for years. Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention I love being my own boss for the flexibility and spontaneity it gives me!

Personality type? 
ENFP – “The Creative Idealist” (and Enneagram 7 if you're wondering)

Where do you find creative inspiration? 
I love going somewhere new and experiencing new things, even the seemingly insignificant things like a new hotel, a new museum or new area I’ve yet to explore.

Favorite Austin spot? 
Turkey Creek Trail in northwest Austin is a definite go-to.  Josh and I love taking our little Aussie pup, Riley, because it's an off leash trail. 

Favorite artist? 
Cy Twombly – if you haven’t been to his gallery at the Menil in Houston, you should go when you get the chance!

Favorite coffee shop? 
Mañana in the South Congress Hotel - hands down! Not only do they make excellent coffee, but the ambience always inspires me to create.

What's your secret talent? 
This is going to sound really random, but I usually know what month people are born in. I can just feel it. I tend categorize people in my head with what season they’re born in. Don't ask me when or how I started going this, but it's always been something I've done!



Julia Montzingo
workshop coordinator

Other titles:
Figure-it-out'er, Enneagram Aficionado, Hostess Extraordinaire

Why do you love what you do at Mint & Maple?
I could go on and on about how much I love working with Mint & Maple. We get to help you be a better, more creative version of you! It is so much fun to watch this business grow into a platform for everyone to learn and grow in something they already have inside of them. We are all creative - it just might look different than you neighbor and those differences are to be celebrated! 

Personality Type?
Enneagram type 2 - The Helper

Where do you find creative inspiration?
Traveling. Between getting to see the beauty in different landscapes and cultures to trying the food and getting to see the different things that people value, it's an amazingly inspiring thing to get to interact with stories from around the world.

Favorite Austin spot?
Anywhere on the water. I love that Lake Austin and Town Lake are such integral parts of our city and that we get see them every single day. 

What's In Your Bag? 
Wallet, 5-10 chapsticks, gum, headphones, phone charger, bobby pins, rubber bands, ibuprofen, keys that I won't be able to find, receipts that I think I will do something with but in reality will throw away

What's your secret talent? 
Making a delicious meal out of almost anything in the fridge and pantry!

Photography by Katie Jameson