Christmas is Coming

Christmas is 13 days away! How did that happen?! This year I've been trying my best to stop and take in all that is Christmas. 


This week Josh and I hit up the Paramount- an old theater in downtown Austin. Do y'all remember the movie "The Preacher's Wife" with Whitney Houston? One of my all time Christmas favs. Get this- it's a REMAKE of the movie "The Bishop's Wife"! So we watched a double feature with the other being "It's a Wonderful Life" which embarrassingly enough was my first time to see it. Pretty incredible movie and definitely got me crying (happy tears) and in the Christmas spirit!

Yesterday I finished assembling our annual Christmas cards for friends and family. I decided to make each one a little different this year. Sure, I spent the whole day painting, washi taping, and stamping them, but it was good for my soul. It reminded me of why I got into this business in the first place- to create unique, thoughtful gifts that make people feel special.



Not only have we done those things above, decorated our apartment, made delightful chocolate peppermint cookies and continue to drink a bunch of Shiner "Holiday Cheer", but I've also been going through this awesome devotional on the She Reads Truth app. 


It's called "O Come Let Us Adore Him". The devotional walks through the Christmas story, speaking to God's plan from the beginning of time to redeem his people and send his son, Jesus, to be with us, die for us, and conquer death giving us freedom from sin and eternal life. I would encourage you to start it! I've learned a lot and it encourages me to keep my mind on things above during a season that can be filled with busyness and stress. 

Last but not least, I've created, dare I say, THE BEST CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST while I get my Christmas orders completed. Here it is- enjoy!