Studio // The Grand Tour

Why hello there!

Welcome to my BRAND NEW blog. 

Here's the big intro to my BRAND NEW blog: I am Natalie and I started Mint & Maple last August, a few months after I married my handsome husband, Josh.

This is us married, June 2013. 

photo taken by  photojennette

photo taken by photojennette

I graduated from the University of Texas (hook 'em) in May, got married in June, and needed to do something else before getting an 8-5 job. We were on a walk brainstorming and Josh was like, 

"You should start an Etsy shop." 

And I was like, "No."

And he was like, "Yeah." 

And I said, "Okay."

photo taken by  Leeann Funk Photograpphy

I wish that's how it went down. Really, it was a roller coaster of emotions including a long discussion filled with laughter, good tears, and scared tears. If any of you have a taken the leap of putting your art out on the interwebs or starting your own business you know what I'm talking about. As soon as the adrenaline dies down, fear and insecurity quickly enter in, you realize you are VERY vulnerable, and things get real. Thankfully, I had a ton of love and support from my friends and family and took the leap. It's been growing ever since and I've been loving it! 

In no way do I have it figured out. I am teaching myself all of this (that's not true, I stalk a ton of blogs, meet with people who have started their own businesses in the creative field, and my husband pretty much does anything involving a spreadsheet). 

My goal is that this would be a place that inspires and gives you tips and tricks for your own art or business.  While doing this, you'll get a peak into my life, my work, and the things I love!

Here are some pictures that my friend, Leeann Funk, shot of my studio (aka our one-bedroom apartment). It goes to show you don't have to have a fancy studio to start your business. All you really need is a decent size closet to cram your supplies in when people come over. 

photo taken by  Leeann Funk Photography

Well that's all folks! Leave comments with anything you want to know more about- the products I use, tips and tricks, etc.