Gifts for Our Favorite Moms

Mother's Day is fast approaching, so I've rounded up some ideas for gifts to show her just how much she means to you!

1. Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed for Mom is a tradition, but take it a sweet step further this year and make her an old family recipe, like her mom's famous cinnamon rolls. Just add coffee!

2. DIY Herb Garden

Give Mom a colorful, DIY herb garden for her kitchen. All you need are adorable little terracotta pots, paints, and brushes. She's sure to love them!

3. Flowers

Skip the cookie cutter arrangements from the florist this year, and stop by your local flower market to pick up your mom's favorite flower in her favorite color. Wrap them up with pretty paper and string to create the perfect custom bouquet.

4. Her Wise Words

Has your mom been offering sage bits wisdom in the form of her favorite quote your whole life? Have it printed and framed so she knows you've been listening this whole time. 

5. A New Hobby

Our personal favorite idea is introducing your mom to a new hobby with the gift of a Brush Letting 101 class! Check out the upcoming workshop schedule here to find the next class in her area. Better yet, make it a mother-daughter date!

Whatever gift you go with, she's sure to love it!

Jessica BlairComment