Society & Co: Creative Entertaining

I've got a special treat for you guys today! Carly & Jessica Blair, the sisters behind Society & Co, are here with a guest post about how they stay inspired and creative when it comes to entertaining. Read on for their tips, plus photos from the Art of Hosting workshop we teamed up for in January!

Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick

We're big believers that creativity builds upon itself, so start being creative in one area, such as your entertaining, and you'll be amazed at how creative you feel in other areas of your life as well. Here are five easy tips for creative dinner parties and gatherings. 

1. Start with color.

Our favorite starting point for any dinner party is the flowers. They'll be the focal point of the table, so they're a great place to start coordinating the rest of the details. Pick a beautiful bloom for the evening, say orange ranunculus, and then consider which dishes and linens will look lovely next to them. Let your imagination run wild! Try a neutral palette with the bright florals, or go for high contrast with a tablecloth from the opposite side of the color wheel. Or try an unexpected fun pattern!

2. Don't wait for a special occasion to use the fancy stuff.

A Tuesday night dinner doesn't have to be ordinary. Pull out your wedding china and the fancy napkins because every night is a special occasion! Light candles, grab the big serving platters, and call your best friends over for a family-style feast, even if you're eating take-out. It will feel like a special occasion, and inspire you to throw more dinner parties. (See tip #3 below for an idea better than take-out!)

3. Keep the essentials on hand.

If you keep the pantry and fridge stocked with the essentials, you can pull together a great meal for entertaining with a few easy additions. Creative cooking produces the greatest results! Start with a crostini, topped with goat cheese and whatever fruit you have to put on top. Stretch a salad into a main course with a medley of roasted vegetables plus leftover meats. Finish off the meal with high quality cookies and coffee, and you just created a three course meal that leaves everyone satisfied. 

4. Buy good wine. 

Pretty self-explanatory, right? But we promise, nothing will take your low-key meal up a notch faster than the good stuff. It will feel like an event, rather than just dinner. Bonus points for fine crystal stemware!

5. Set the mood.

Strategically placed (unscented) candles will cast glow-y, ambient light and the right music will get your creative juices flowing. Every great event has a groovy soundtrack. We've been listening to a ton of John Legend in the studio lately. Dancing is always optional, but greatly encouraged!

We highly recommend trying out a few of these tips and see how the creativity flows into other areas of your life! But remember: always start with color! 

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