7 Ways to Beat the Heat & Stay Inspired this Summer

Summer is officially in full swing! We don’t know about you, but sometimes it can be hard for us to keep cool (especially in Texas!) and keep creative. Here are 7 ways for you to beat the heat and stay inspired this summer.

#1 Color

Our first suggestion is easy. Want to stay creative? Then color! Even if you are a beginner, nothing gets your creative juices flowin’ like making something yourself. Practice your watercolor brush lettering or play around with different tools and supplies (like different paints or markers). Adult coloring books are all the rage these days! Find them at your local craft store or Target and go crazy.

Keep what you make for yourself. Send it to a friend. Post it on social media. Hang it on your wall. It doesn’t matter what you do with it - as long as you do it!


#2 Visit your local art museum


Enjoy a breath of cool, air-conditioned air and take a stroll around the museum. Bring a friend along and talk about what pieces you like and dislike, and why. The idea here is to expose yourself to techniques and styles that you’re not familiar with. It can be very valuable to expand your horizons!

Austinites - we suggest making a stop at the Blanton Museum of Art. This museum has pieces that range from classic to contemporary, and also has discounted admission prices for students, seniors, members, youths, and more. Sweet!


#3 Read a magazine

Find a print magazine or book with lots of visuals, photos, and stories to inspire and uplift you. Toss it in your bag and whip it out when you’ve got 5 minutes instead of getting on your phone!

Our suggestion? Darling Magazine. It aims to empower women and celebrates creativity. It is ad-free, allowing plenty of pages for beautiful graphic design, photography, literature, and inspiring stories of real women around the world. Check it out!


#4 Browse your local art store

Make a stop at your favorite art store and take a stroll around. Even if you’re not looking to spend, take in the patterns, textures, and color combinations you see. Notice the window displays and creative items surrounding you. All of the tools and supplies and finished products may inspire you to try something new!

Austin fave: Jerry's Artarama


#5 Exercise


The next one might require a bit more effort… but so worth it!  You may wonder how this has anything to do with creativity - but believe us, it does! Being active helps clear our minds, feel healthy, and feel productive. We always feel so much more inspired and ready to create when we feel good and when we feel like we’ve done something good for our bodies. And exercise doesn't have to be super strenuous or demanding! Go on a walk. Take a yoga class. Anything that gets you moving and clears your mind.


#6 Hop on Pinterest

Here at Mint & Maple, we LOVE this site. It brings us inspiration, helps stimulate ideas, lets us brainstorm, and keeps it all organized in one place. Scroll through your newsfeed and pin items that you love, projects you’d want to try, or quotes that you bring you joy. Check out our Pinterest page to get started!


#7 Relax

This might be the easiest of all… RELAX! Summertime is for refueling, taking a break, and appreciating the simple things in life. We are firm believers that if your plate is too full and your life is chaotic, it puts a clog on a LOT of your creative potential! Take a chill pill and give your brain a break. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself - we have ALL had a case of writer’s block at some point in our lives. If you sit down to start creating something and it’s not going your way, take a break! If it stresses you out or you’re being too hard on yourself, that defeats the purpose. We want you to ENJOY creating! Taking a breather can be exactly what you need to remain encouraged and inspired.

We hope your summer is full of inspiration and creativity. One thing we want to remind you is that you can find inspiration EVERYWHERE. It doesn’t just have to be in art museums and carefully designed magazines and publications where you find something inspirational that changes how you create, how you think, or how you live. Read a book, catch a movie, listen to a favorite song,  travel, have a conversation with an interesting person, spend time outdoors… You can draw inspiration from so many things. All you have to do is be watching for it and things that inspire you will come naturally!