Back to School 2016: Planner Spotlight

Attention all students, workers, small business owners, livers of chaotic lives; the organized and the wanna-be organized; the lovers of new office supplies and paper goods.... This post is for you!

Even if you aren’t going back to school, the fall always seems to bring a sense of starting fresh, getting organized, and taking up a new, productive lifestyle. I don’t know about you, but I need one place where I keep my schedule - appointments, meetings, events, coffee-dates, to-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists. We’re going to do a break down on  5 of our favorite planners out there and let you know what they have to offer.



If you don’t recognize this one by it’s name, I’m sure you recognize the cover. This natural brown paperback planner comes in 5 sizes: Mini, Small, Medium, Large, and Big, explicitly displayed on the front. (The one in the pic above is their "large").

The months on the inside come blank, meaning you can choose which month you want to start your planner off with. Their minimalist approach to planner design allows you to either keep the content straightforward, organized, and simple; or to get your creative juices flowing (we chose this route)! Use washi tape, markers, stickers, and colorful pens to add life to your pages.

Another plus - if you decide on one of the smaller 3 sizes, these are extremely portable and easy to throw in your purse or backpack.

Bonus: It’s eco-friendly! Booyah!


Y’all.  If you haven’t heard of these, check them out - because they have ALL the bells and whistles. To name only a handful of the features, they come with a customized cover design (from a large selection of cute covers and color schemes), a hard and durable cover, a long-lasting spiral coil, stickers to keep you organized, folders and a pouch, a notes section, a contacts section…

However, the most distinguishing feature of these planners is that you have the option to choose your weekly layout - vertical, horizontal, or hourly. They come in 12 month and 18 month options.

The one downfall? They are a bit pricey. There is a good reason though - they are high quality and very thorough.

Up next is the May Designs planner. Similar in structure to Mochi Things, these gorgeous books are small, portable, and simple. In a 5 x 8 paperback journal, you have the option to choose a weekly planner, daily planner, or a monthly AND weekly planner, all with different variations and options.

But the real attention grabber is the ENDLESS options of beautiful cover, monogram, and color design options. It is literally impossible to not find something you love on this website. Go give it a look - and hopefully you’re good with making decisions!

Bonus: The people over at May Designs are fellow Austinites!


If you aren’t familiar with, the one word to describe it is FUN. And their planner exemplifies that very well! In this 17 month planner, you get loads of adorable, motivating and entertaining graphics and artwork, playful stickers, and even a coloring page. It is hardbacked, includes a folder, and has a spiral coil. They are serious about fun - but they are also serious about organization! Weeks and months are included. This planner comes in 3 sizes.



Looking for something more accessible, more affordable, but still well-designed? Look no further! Target does it again. Especially in this time of year, Target has LOTS of adorable options done by awesome designers. The price range varies from about $10-$25. Go take a look!

Do you use a planner? What tools do you use to help you keep super organized? Tell us in the comments below!