5 Texas Creative Destinations

We can't always travel the world and see the amazing international art out there, but lucky for us Texans, we have incredible options in our own state. Not only are these destinations beautiful, they are completely inspiring.

1. Cy Twombly Gallery | Houston, TX

Cy Twombly, an artist that emerged from the New York art world in the 1950’s, is known for the energy and personality he puts in his beautiful paintings and sculptures (both of which this gallery has!). The gallery opened in 1955 with help from Mr. Twombly himself, as well as the Menil family. The rooms that carry his large-scale works (some that begin at the floor and extend all the way up to the high ceilings) are a glimpse of our favorite things about this gallery. The designers of the Cy Twombly Gallery built the rooms so that the natural light filters in beautifully; Twombly’s colors seem to come to life!


2. Rothko Chapel | Houston, TX

Only a short walk from the Cy Twombly gallery, the Rothko Chapel is the opposite of the bright colorful work of Twombly. The chapel showcases beautiful paintings works by Mark Rothko, an artist known for his color field paintings. The space is a very peaceful and powerful setting, andvisitors are encouraged to enter the chapel and take advantage of the meditative experience. Apart from Rothko's moving works, the architecture inside is impressive as well!


3. James Turrel Sky Space | Houston & Austin

This impressive and visually stunning installation designed by James Turrel is a must-see, especially at dusk or dawn! The structure has a mesmerizing light sequence that changes as the sun sets or rises, and the colors inside complement the changing colors of the sky. Each individual structure in Houston and in Austin are designed differently, so while they both hold the same concept, each experience will be unique to the city. Be sure to reserve a viewing time before you go!


4. Anish Kapoor's Sky Mirror | Dallas, TX

You might know Anish Kapoor as the creator of the Cloud in Chicago, otherwise known as the famous bean. This 35-foot diameter concave mirror sits outside the AT&T Stadium in Arlington and is nearly three stories tall! Side note: going to Chicago to see Cloud and the city's amazing architecture is recommended, too. 


5. Everything in: Marfa, TX

It’s hard to pick just one sight because Marfa holds so much to see, but Donald Judd’s 15 Untitled Works in Concrete is something you can't miss. It’s a great piece, not only for its scale, but also for the expansive outdoor environment in which it’s installed. These were actually some of the first works to be installed in Marfa in the 1970’s, and before long, many other contributions by artists made Marfa one of the most creative destinations in Texas. 


Where's your favorite place for inspiration in Texas? Any favorite museums? Share with us what you think in the comments below!