Artists to Follow pt. II

Like I said, there are way too many artists out there on Instagram that go unnoticed so we're going to keep making note of them to spread to love!! This week's collection has a bunch of mixed media and different ways of abstracting. Super cool to see different artists' process :)

Emily Jeffords


Not only is Emily talented in oil painting AND watercolor, but she's a prime example of mixing business and art and being a total girl boss. Besides painting wonderful abstract series and impressionist landscapes, Emily hosts painting workshops out of her studio in Greenville, SC and is even hosting one in FRANCE this summer. She dreams big and makes it happen and you can that kind of amazing passion through her paintings!


Sarah Delaney 


Sarah's style is totally unique and her paintings practically dance off the canvas with all the energy she puts into them! She manages to use acrylic, watercolour, pastel, charcoal all in one piece, and they look as if they were made for each other. Following her account will bring you pretty color palette inspo plus super cool photographs from her recent trips. She is known for her painting AND her adventures, after all. 


Heather Day


Heather uses her mixed media pieces as a way of communicating- kind of like a visual storytelling. While she is based out of San Francisco, California, following her on Instagram will guarantee getting an insight into all of her travels. The best part about her tendency to travel is that for Heather, this means lot and lots of sketching. Pages from her sketchbook are always featured on her feed, and it's mesmerizing to see how she uses her lines and color choices to tell a story. 


Allison Kunath


Also known as "the line painter" Allison paints a unique approach to the human experience. In order to remind us that we are not always separate from one another, her watercolor paintings and pen and ink sketches strongly incorporate connecting lines. It's amazing to see all the different things she can simplify into a line, and how it can make us think so much more than if she gave us a realistic depiction. This lady brings a whole new meaning to abstraction, and her eclectically perfect Instagram is proof!


Lola Donoghue


Lola's paintings are known for their white-on-white palettes, with splashes of pastels and bright hues- talk about curating a dreamy aesthetic! She is based in Ireland and is inspired by subtleties in life, like the unseen emotions that pass by every day. Her paintings are fresh and interesting, and the layers of paint are endless. By using delicate line work and bold swatches of color, each painting is always a nice surprise :) 


We want to know, who is inspiring you the most these days? Comment below!