Where the Wild Flowers Are

I feel most inspired by flowers. Perusing through the Central Market flower aisle or spotting wildflowers along the highway give me such a creative rush. I think flowers are one of the world’s greatest gifts. There are so many ways to use florals creatively aside from arranging a simple bouquet. Read below for a few creative floral challenges to push you to think outside the traditional box. Bloom where the creativity is planted!


Create floral art.

There are millions of ways to transform florals into beautiful hair or jewelry accessories. Using baby’s breath to create a flower crown is a therapeutic Sunday afternoon activity. Try making a floral headpiece or flower garland! Inexpensive flowers, like statice or eucalyptus, bobby pins and florist tape is all you need. Other project ideas might be incorporating flowers into a mixed media art project or using flowers to spruce up plain stationery.

Challenge yourself to find the best bouquet under $30.

Visit a speciality flower shop in your city or research your favorite florals on Pinterest/Instagram for color inspiration. Some of the most vibrant and unique colors in the world are found in flowers. Then check out the flower section at local grocery stores like H-E-B and Whole Foods, which have a wide selection of flowers for reasonable prices. Oftentimes, you can special order your favorite flower. Utilize greenery from your backyard or wildflowers along the side of the road.


Use leftover flowers.

One of the best ways to get a bang for your buck is to press and dry leftover flowers. The options are endless once your flowers have dried. In the past, I have hung bridesmaid bouquets or arrangements that meant a lot to me and used them as wall decorations. Get creative with the dried flowers! I’ve discovered that laying the flowers between two paper towels and sticking them in the pages of a heavy book works best. Some of my favorites to press are lavender and gardenias because they sustain their aroma. Hydrangeas are also flowers that press very easily and beautifully.



Where is your favorite spot to find bargains on flowers? Comment below to tell us!