Meet the Team!

The first act of Mint & Maple opened with me, alone in my apartment, balancing hand-lettered cards on my big green couch to dry.  Now, it is a community of beautiful people stretched far and wide exploring their creativity in workshops and online!  The dream keeps on growing and one of the things I could not have imagined when I first started out was the outrageously talented team of people that would be with making this journey with me.  CHECK OUT THESE CUTIES.


(Side Note: I can't go further without mentioning this awesome striped tank I got from Tobi recently. I probably wear it 2-3x a week and it can be dressed up or worn to the gym. My kind of shirt.)

Natalie Coulter, Creative Director


Title: Personality Test Junkie, Brainstorming Machine, Professional Dreamer, Part-Time Whole30 Eater, Coffee Shop Purveyor, Calligraphy Queen

Why do you love what you do at Mint & Maple? I love that I get to be creative and that I get to wear a lot of different hats. Every day looks a little different, and I get to work with lots of wonderful people and a great team. I get so much joy teaching people skills to explore their creative side they accidentally neglect for years. Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention I love being my own boss for the flexibility and spontaneity it gives me!

Myers-Briggs personality type? ENFP – “The Creative Idealist”

What's in your bag? Aside from me saying "trash"...Chapstick, lots of brush markers and calligraphy pens, a journal and sketchbook, and a bag of random vitamins and Ibuprofen.

Favorite Austin spot? Turkey Creek Trail in northwest Austin

Where do you find creative inspiration? I love going somewhere new and experiencing new things, even the seemingly insignificant things like a new hotel, a new museum or new area I’ve yet to explore.

Favorite artist? Cy Twombley – if you haven’t been to his gallery in Houston, you should go when you get the chance!

Favorite coffee shop? Mañana in the South Congress Hotel - hands down! Not only do they make excellent coffee, but the ambience always inspires me to create.

What's your secret talent? This is going to sound really random, but I usually know what month people are born in. I can just feel it. I tend categorize people in my head with what season they’re born in. Don't ask me when or how I started going this, but it's always been something I've done!

Emily Miller, Workshop coordinator


Title: Email Extraordinaire, Master of Logistics, Social Media Snooper, Baker of the Best Banana Bread, Wannabe Rockstar, Theo’s Momma

Why do you love what you do at Mint & Maple? I love working with a creative visionary who is realizing her dream through Mint & Maple. It’s a joy connecting with people all over Austin and throughout Texas who want to partner with using an effort to bring workshops to people. I also love the ability to work for Mint & Maple while still being a full-time momma at home; it’s been such a gift for me and my family.

Myers-Briggs personality type? ESFJ – “The Consul”

What's in your bag? iPhone, earbuds, about 5 different chapsticks, a snack for my son (usually apple sauce or grape tomatoes, his favorite), a notebook, my Warby Parker sunglasses, a diaper and wipes.

Favorite Austin spot? Mayfield Park! My little family loves hiking and chasing the peacocks, and it’s such a sweet little retreat in the middle of Central Austin.

Where do you find creative inspiration? This is going to sound cliché, but I find so much of my creative inspiration when looking at the world through my toddler son’s eyes. It makes me appreciate and value the smallest of details, as well as the miracle of a simple yellow dandelion in the middle of a giant, green field.  

Favorite artist? Currently, my favorite artist is Cassandra Holden in New York City. She and I traveled Europe together in 2009, and her work is incredibly inspired by the places she’s been to and studied at, and she uses a variety of mediums.

Favorite coffee shop? I’m a sucker for Mozart’s because of the outdoor patio right by the water. On a beautiful day, it is such a refreshing place to soak up the sun with iced coffee in hand.

What's your secret talent? Finding open parking spots in a crowded parking lot. It’s a true gift and involves science and many equations. Also, it comes in handy during the holidays at Target.

Katie Canales, creative intern


Title: Artist in Residence, Blogging Beauty, Keeping Everyone Young

Why do you love what you do at Mint & Maple? I love that I get to work creatively in so many different settings. Whether it's talking to people at workshops, meeting new people, or brainstorming ideas with the team, I am always getting my creative fix. As an added bonus, it's so fun to think up ideas with such a supportive team!

Myers-Briggs personality type? ENFJ - "The Giver"

What’s in your bag? Chapstick, Honest Company hand sanitizer, Whole Foods receipts, and lots of random business cards from artists, people, and stores around Austin (side note: people make the prettiest business cards and I can never throw them away).

Favorite Austin spot? Byron & Blue, a store in East Austin that hosts a gallery in their shop. They have events, gallery openings, and get-togethers where you can meet the people behind the beautiful merchandise they sell. Also, they are next door to Brew & Brew, which is a plus because they have great coffee.

Where do you find your creative inspiration? I find my creative inspiration from other artists. The most important thing for me to do is get out in Austin and attend gallery openings and go see shows. Not only do I get to see new stuff, but I always meet someone new, and that's what keeps me inspired.

Favorite artist? Currently, my favorite artist is Vassily Kandinsky because the expressionism and energy in his gestures. I was recently fortunate enough to see some of his work in person at the Guggenheim in New York, and I could feel the artist’s presence in his work. That is something I wish for in my own paintings as an artist.

Favorite coffee shop? Sister Coffee. They offer delicious options outside of coffee, like matcha lattés and activated lemonades, they are all delicious. The shop also carries beautiful ceramics from local artists around Austin, and it's a fun place to hang out. Most importantly, they have a pug who is there from time to time.

What's your secret talent? I don't know if this is considered a talent... but I "experience" (if that's the right verb?) synesthesia in the form of numbers and days of the week. Basically, synesthesia is the overlapping of the senses so I see numbers and days of the week in specific colors inherent to each of them. I didn't know there was a term for it until I started taking art history courses and I learned that it is prevalent with a lot of artists' work.  Monday has always been red in my mind and I had no idea that not everyone sees it like that!

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