Art Journaling On-The-Go

I don’t know about y’all, but my fall is FULL. Lots of activities, work, school, parties, and traveling, with little time to rest. This is typically a recipe for becoming overwhelmed and anxious for me. So yesterday after dropping Milo off at school, I decided to take out my Mint & Maple Art Journal and set up at a coffee shop. I had something downtown at noon, so I chose Juan Pelota at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop. Grabbing a muffin and cappuccino, I found a cozy corner by a window and got to work. After creating for an hour and a half, I felt so much more at peace. The worries of the world became a little less urgent and a spirit of gratitude washed over me.

As the holiday season approaches and anxiety levels rise, take a minute to stop and be present. There is something about observing the world around you and putting a paintbrush to paper that helps keep you grounded. My hope is that you develop a practice like this one that helps you be a participant in your schedule, not just reactionary. Something that helps cultivate a thankful heart rather than one of busyness and expectation.

Here are some tips on how to make time:

  1. Keep a bag in your car with your art journal supplies so you’re ready when an opportunity arrises.

  2. Get out of your comfort zone! Go to a new place to get inspiration.

  3. Progress not perfection. Don’t focus on the final product as much as the journey of creating. It’s the process that makes it fun!

Check out a video of my time below with helpful tips on how to journal on-the-go!


Don’t know where to begin with art journaling? I’ve created a kit with all the supplies I love and use as well as a book I wrote on my process filled with tips, tricks, and techniques that will give you a great foundation! We are discontinuing the kit in 2020, so purchase yours before they are gone!