4 Ways to Kick Your Creative Rut!

If you clicked on this blog title, chances are that you have felt the magic of being in the creative zone.  You know what I am talking about it - when inspiration flows like wine at girl's night. So what do you do when you feel like you are spinning your wheels in a creative rut?

1. Create a Space

There is something about a good ambiance that get those creative juices flowing! Clean up your kitchen table or desk so you have a big open space. Lay out all your supplies and light a candle (my new fav candle is this one from Target; reminds me of Volcano from Anthro, but less than half the price). Open the blinds for some natural light, turn on some tunes. Oh, and don't forget the coffee. With all the distractions eliminated and the mood set, you are ready to go!

2. Experiment with Something Familiar


It can be overwhelming to come up with something from scratch. Isn’t that what a creative block is? Start with something familiar that you’ve drawn, lettered, or sewn a million times. My personal fav is lettering the ABC's. Seems silly, but it challenges you to come up with new a creative ways to paint each letter as well as experiment with color mixing and color harmony.   

3. Flip Through Magazines

Trouvé Magazine and Darling are just a few of the totally creative and inspiring magazines out there I recommend. Not only do they have big PRETTY images, but they also have motivating words on a lot of the artists’ stories. Reading about someone else and their creative process can be so encouraging. Magazines are also great for COLOR. Food, home, lifestyle, whatever- they all have color and this can be great inspiration! I like to cut out illustrations or color palettes that catch my eye and keep them in my art journal.

4. Turn Routine into Creativity


You will be surprised what you can come up with when you aren’t trying to produce an end result! Take something you do every day, your to-do list, grocery list or agenda and jazz it up! My go-to supplies: markers and washi tape! I always love seeing what I come up with when I’m not pressured by the thought of final result.

 Sometimes, (ok MOST of the time), when it’s way too intimidating to make that first mark on a big, scary, blank canvas, you have to tell yourself to just start somewhere. Anywhere. Because starting today is better than starting tomorrow… and because you won’t get anywhere if you never start… And because I know we’ve all heard way too many times… that the true failure is to not have tried at all! Happy creating!!

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