Crunchy brown leaves, spicy pumpkin bread, cold windy weather. November is here, which means there are only two more months left in 2018. As we prepare to close out yet another year, November also brings an opportunity to reflect on all of our many blessings.

And that’s why for the month of November, we are launching #andbethankful to give you daily inspiration to reflect on all the things that you are thankful for. We hope you will take-on this creative challenge and use art journaling to slow down, process and express your gratefulness. Join us and you may be surprised with how many blessings you have to count!

Keep scrolling to read five reasons we believe in taking time to pause, reflect and art journal, especially during the season of #andbethankful.

1. Catalog your experiences

There is something magical about the act of combining images and words that makes an art journal more than just a normal log of events. Drawing creates a deep bond with places. When you look back at your art journal, you don’t just remember what you did...you remember what that place felt like. Reflect on the many places you may have traveled throughout the past year.


2. Discover the hidden details

Drawing things pushes you to notice details about a place and its people that you never would have noticed otherwise. It heightens your sense of observation and makes travel and daily life an even richer experience. Buildings and trees that used to just be in the background suddenly become beautifully alive.


 3. Slow down and process

Art journaling forces you to slow down and process through what you are feeling and experiencing. Perhaps it will encourage you to think about the changes that occurred in 2018. Not only does it provide a protected space and time to do this, but I have found that my mind finally gets a chance to process when my hands are busy drawing. 


 4. Capture your unique viewpoint

No one will ever have the same perspective, personality, and collection of experiences as you. Art journaling is a way to capture your unique viewpoint on paper through colors, images, and words! Just think: never again will a year be like 2018!


 5. Embrace the benefits of play

Research continues to show that unstructured creative time helps relieve stress, improves brain function, and much more. Be good to your body and mind! Your art journal is a great place to let yourself play.