Artists to Follow

The amount of talented people on Instagram seems to be growing daily. I LOVE IT. I am so inspired by artists not only putting their work out there, but showing their process as well. It seemed like a good idea to share a few of my current favorites! I highly recommend following these incredible artists!

Jennifer Gauthier


Jennifer is a mixed media artist who's paintings explore time and the concept of home. Her feed is a perfect example of how to successfully mix dark and light color palettes together without getting too crazy-- she clearly knows what she's doing. Between her work-in-progress canvas', finished pieces, and even her sketchbooks- her unique style is undeniable and completely beautiful. 


Amanda Sandlin


Amanda is a freelance artist and graphic designer living in Denver, Colorado. She also happens to be a total adventure enthusiast. Most of her inspiration comes from spending many days on the road as an adult, and the experiences she gained from it. She is most known for her collection, At Wild Woman, a series of figures drawn in ink over abstract backgrounds. The contrast in these ladies is amazing, and she somehow keeps making more!



Brynn W. Casey

You may know this artist as the Instagram queen who paints absolutely beautiful oceans and lets just say her reputation does not proceed her. At all. Brynn has studied the techniques of water and the ocean for a long time and it truly shows through her paintings. Her paintings are photographic, painterly, and depth- all at the same time and all in the best ways. 


Raven Roxanne


Yes, this is her real name, and yes, her work is just as fabulous as the sound it sounds. Raven is an abstract and impressionist artist based out of Charleston, South Carolina. Her work is dynamic, full of colors, energy, and textures, and is always evolving. Most known for her Girls with Flowers and Nest series, she has been working on new compositions lately- and she updates her progress constantly! It's so fun to see Raven's process, her honesty, and the beauty she is able to create. 


Deeann Rieves


Deeanne's mixed media contemporary works are like nothing we've ever seen before. She combines acrylic paint with chalk, pencil, stitched thread AND collage- and makes it look effortless. Her graceful compositions have so many well-thought layering and positioning that in the end, all of these components are seamless. Not to mention her dreamy color choices are always nice to see in the midst of one of those busy days that leave us with no creative time (why are those a thing again?) 


Even though these are just a few- it's nice to spotlight these talented ladies! They deserve it. 

P.S. More recommendations on artists coming soon.. and in the meantime tell us who's account you are lovin' right now!


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