How to make your workspace maximize your creativity

It’s a tale as old as time, or at least as long as Pinterest has been around. You’re scrolling through photos of quirky home decor and perfectly curated dinners when you see it -- the pristine workspace of someone who probably fulfills their new year's resolutions and definitely doesn’t own dry shampoo. Oftentimes, we settle to keep scrolling, convincing ourselves that our workspace will never look like that. But, alas, we’re here to give you some quick and easy tips to make that dream come true and transform your desk into a creative space in both form and function!

1. Create a statement piece to frame your space. Here is one of my favorite tutorials!


2. Get Organized!

To ensure your ability to thrive professionally and #aesthetically, here are some of our favorite

calendars to make sure you don’t miss that Monday coffee meeting.


3. Make and frame your own artwork!

Whether your college major was studio art or you have never picked up a brush, it’s always a great (and cheap) idea to make your own gallery wall. If this is a challenge, head to Pinterest or take a class to get inspired! You’ll probably surprise yourself.


4. Stock your space with books and portfolios from your favorite artists and photographers. That way, when you need to take a much needed break, you can easily skim through and hang on to any inspiration you come across -- think of it as scrolling through instagram without all the distractions.

Christina Van Essen1 Comment