Limited Edition: SURPRISE Lettering Kit

Limited Edition: SURPRISE Lettering Kit


Expected Ship Date of Late September/Beginning of October

You’ve asked us over and over again, “after Brush Lettering 101, what other supplies do you recommend?” Well here’s our answer - the SURPRISE Lettering Kit!

Why the surprise, you ask? WHY NOT? Who doesn’t love a good surprise?

This kit will include:

  • Some of our new favorite lettering tools! (don’t worry - nothing you already received from your M&M workshop)

  • Fresh, never-before-seen Mint & Maple lettering guides!

This kit is perfect for any letterer who wants to keep practicing and advancing their lettering skills. The surprise kits are designed to make a great gift for your friend or just a fun surprise for yourself…

We are making a limited quantity and will sell out, so ACT FAST!

*Due to the nature of the surprise kit, no refunds or exchanges will be given

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Processing and Shipping

+ We work hard to hand-pack each kit ourselves, ensuring that each open box is a delight.  Please allow us 3-5 business days from expected ship date for us to process your order.

+ We will ship your package with USPS and will give you a tracking number so you can follow along.

Problems with Your Package?

+ If you have issues with your package, we want to help as much as we can! Email us at to let us know if we missed something. All sales are final.