PRIVATE CLASS for Marissa Anchia

PRIVATE CLASS for Marissa Anchia


This listing is for Marissa Anchia’s private Art Journaling 101 workshop in Austin, TX on Monday, July 23rd from 4-6pm.

All workshop supplies included for participants to keep! In this class, you will learn the basics of watercolor and illustration.

Art journaling is a way to capture experiences with both words and illustrations. You can use it as a daily journal, a travel journal, or however your imagination leads you! But it’s about so much more than just creating something beautiful. It’s a process of slowing down, observing the details, and seeing the world differently.

Supplies Include:

  • A soft-bound travel book with high-quality watercolor paper

  • A travel watercolor set with a portable waterbrush 

  • A water-resistant, permanent fine liner pen 

  • A pencil 

  • A rubber art eraser 

  • Washi tape 

  • A cute bag to hold all your pens 

  • And an illustrated book packed with all the step-by-step guidance you need to art journal on your own!


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